Gun River Skeet & Trap Club

620 11th Street (p.o. box 151)
Plainwell, MI. 49080
269 685-5280

Board of Directors

-Craig Maclaine - President

-Jason Johnson - Vice President

-John Catherwood - Secretary

-Chris Harris - Treasurer

-George Coffey - Director

-Chris Lozano - Director

-Joe Mathu - Director

-Don Provendo - Director

-Jack Raymond - Director

Board of Directors Purpose:

- Create a safe & inclusive environment to shoot

- Ensure the quality of every target thrown

- Continually build GRST into a better club

- Directors serve the all membership for the long-term

- Provide a great value

2017 Priorities

1. General maintenance of machines
2. New 5-Stand Pavilion on Field One
3. Four New Promatic machines for 5-stand
4. Level the ground on skeet fields
5. Fencing by the gate
6. Tree clearing and landscaping for Sporting Clays stations
7. Buy a new lawn mower
8. Throw wicked awesome targets everyday