Gun River Skeet & Trap Club

620 11th Street (p.o. box 151)
Plainwell, MI. 49080
269 685-5280

Membership is open to people of all abilities that are keen on crushing clay targets; clays are inherently sinister and devious in their basic nature.  Please join us in the crusade for perfectly broken targets every round, every day, every year.  Are you up for it?

Annual membership is available to any Board of Directors sponsored applicant over the age of eighteen and is valid from January to December (calendar year). A membership covers the immediate family, including spouse and all dependent children under eighteen. 

2020 Membership Dues: $100.00 per calendar year.

This is an all volunteer club, please help out where you can.  A hired help club is much more expensive, so please lean in where possible.

Please email us at:

Skeet & Trap Rounds

Member: $5.75

Non-Member: $8

Youth: $4


Sporting Clays Rounds 

Member: $0.31/Target

Non-Member: $0.50/Target

Youth: $0.20/targets


5-Stand/ Heated enclosed shooting.

Member: $7.50

Non-Member: $10

Pro Challenge: $9 

Currently we do not rent shotguns.

Sorry no Rifle or pistol.